My greatest passion is my love for God. He is so real to me that I find myself bringing Him in almost any conversation and cannot leave Him out of any of my moves in life, regardless of how big or small they may be. My focus is not to bring religion to people, but rather, to bring people to know and experience God.

Yes! I love cooking and traveling. I have been to over 70 countries and counting and truly enjoy learning more about other countries and cultures of the world. And cooking, I just love it! I even spend time watching cooking shows while I work.

I love people who are driven, focused and loyal. I love people who are secure about whom they are, and recognize that they can be their best without diminishing someone else. In essence, no one is your competition so you can be your best and so can everyone else.

In general, I tend to meet people in Spirit and as a result, find that my deepest bonds are with those who recognize the importance of connecting with God as a means to living their best lives.

I love people who inspire, empower and encourage others to be their best!

Yes, I am a workaholic! I sometimes stay up in the wee hours of the mornings, sometimes weeks and months in a row just working even though I know it is not the best for my health.

I have dual citizenship (from my country of birth—St. Lucia and my mother’s country of birth—Barbados) and will have a third by marriage. I have lived in three other countries outside of my home (8 years in Trinidad and Tobago, 3 years in the Philippines and 5 years so far in the United States).

One of the hardest questions to answer as I travel is “where are you from?” and one of the most common questions from family and friends when they speak to me is “where in the world are you now?”

That is an extremely technical one. Though I call Atlanta home, it is almost abandoned since I am barely there because of my hectic travel schedule. But, my home and mailing address is currently there.

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