Nadine Collins is an International Speaker, a Spiritual Wellness Coach, Women's Leadership Expert, Prayer Counselor, and Author.

She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Administration with an emphasis in Higher Education. Her Doctoral dissertation was the seminal study on women leaders who served as presidents of Adventist Higher Education Institutions worldwide. She holds a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and an Undergraduate Degree in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology.

Nadine has traveled to over 70 countries and counting, inspiring and empowering women by combining proven strategies from the field of Psychology about how our minds work with Spiritual and Biblical truths about our relationship with God and living the abundant life He designed for each of us. It is through her own personal experience that she was able to uncover a practical approach to a powerful prayer life that is fully aligned with the will of God for her, and to ensure personal and professional success and fulfillment in order to have a positive global impact.

Because of her interactions with 1000s of women, she recognized a gap in the work that women were doing and what many of them were really destined to do, but were not doing, because they were living in fear—the fear of being different, successful, bold, confident, and fulfilled. And for others, the internal barriers that were hindering them because of what they have been conditioned to believe about themselves and the "place" and "role" as a woman; as well as the external barriers and structures that has been set up to hinder their advancement.

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It was not until she understood how the Mentally Constructed Glass Ceiling ™ was affecting her advancement, that she recognized that if a woman understands the power that resides within her, then she will be empowered and positioned to do anything that God has called her to do. It is then that she was able to shatter it, and a girl like her, from a tiny Island, now travels around the world speaking to thousands of people on an annual basis.

That is why she founded the Spiritual Wellness Coaching movement. A signature private coaching and mentorship program with a global mission: To empower Christian women to break through indoctrinations and the mentally constructed glass ceiling; step out in faith and through the invisible walls and structures that set barriers to their advancement; wake up to realize their God-given potential and purpose, and make their unique impact on the world by living their WOW life now!

Nadine has published numerous inspirational books including 'Make Your Prayer Life Go WOW', Secrets of the WOW Praying Woman, WOW Prayer Battle Plan for Spiritual Warfare and WOW Prayers for Your Spouse; has ongoing programs on two major International Christian TV Stations; launched the very first online prayer training program-Certified Prayer Counselor class; while still serving as an Adjunct Faculty (online and in-house) at a well-established Higher Education Institution in Asia; and publishing and peer-reviewing numerous research and theoretical articles on marginalized groups, including women.

Nadine believes in life-long learning and continues to invest in her personal and professional development.

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