Heed the Call, Fulfill Your Destiny, & Launch Your Legacy by Writing and Publishing Your Purpose-Led Book in Just 6 Months.


Birth Your First Best-Seller

With Dr. Nadine Collins 
8X Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and International Speaker

It’s time to give birth to the best seller in you!

Is Your Best-Selling Book Waiting to Be Set Free?

You know you have an unshakeable God-given mission to tell a story that could change the direction of thousands, if not millions, of lives—

But you’re not sure how to organise your book or how to articulate what it’s really about, and the thought of everything you need to do to get it published is… 

Well, let’s just say it’s overwhelming and leave it at that. But here’s what your heart is also saying— Your story is too important to keep to yourself.

I wrote and published my book - and now I’m a speaker!

Dr. Nadine’s really looking for the success of the people who are in her group program. She has a great talent for pushing you to look deep inside yourself, and bring out that professional, quality product that will stand out in the market. Through her, I wrote and published my book. And now I’m doing speeches and talking about the platform. Not only does Dr. Nadine open your eyes to a different level of functioning, but she will also bring you to the next level in your thinking.
If you dream of holding your published book in your hands but aren’t sure where to begin the writing process…

I’m so glad God brought us together!

I know I can help you bring your book to life if any of these ring true for you:

You have a message you KNOW you need to share.

You have a business you want to grow.

You’ve lived through some incredible experiences and need help figuring out how to give your testimony. 

You’re stuck on the stop-and-go writing cycle and are ready to get your book finished—finally!

You want to speak on stages AROUND THE WORLD and know a book is an important component.

You’re driven and will give everything it takes to get your message out into the world.

You’re not going to let frivolous excuses like “not enough time” hold you back but you also don’t want to waste time either. You need guidance on what works.

You’re ready to invest your resources into the writing and publishing but want support figuring out the entire process.

You need a bit of hand-holding to get momentum in the writing of your book.

Your confidence could do with a boost so you can step into the limelight and make a difference.

Sound like You?

Chat with Dr. Nadine about your next steps

Dr. Nadine will help you figure out what you’re supposed to be doing in this life.

Since working with Dr Nadine Collins, I have clarity as to my purpose. And I have clarity as to why I am here. The book idea was an awesome journey in itself and the most cathartic experience. I’m super elated that I got the opportunity to do that with her. Because she gives the push that was necessary to get the book out. She’s a powerful woman who’s able to help you identify with laser clarity what it is that you’re supposed to be doing in this life.


Let’s Talk About What You Were Put on Earth To Do

As an 8x published author, I truly believe that writing and publishing a book is THE most important work you can do.

It’s not just about holding the real-life, black-and-white, hard or soft cover copy of your story in your hands. Although that feels fantastic, it’s really just the start. 

When you get your message out into the world, miracles start to happen, like:

Getting greater clarity about your purpose

Healing from past experiences through writing

Leaving a legacy for future generations to learn and grow from

Running headfirst towards new opportunities in business and life with new-found confidence

Becoming a sought-after speaker and thought leader on the world stage

Calling in more abundance through book sales and paid speaking events

Enjoying long-term returns

Building your brand loyalty with a growing following of admirers

✎ And so much more…

Yet Uncertainty & Fear Are Blocking Your Destiny

Your mission is strong, but you remain uncertain about:

What story to tell

Which message to impart

Your ability to finish the entire book

Finding time to write the book

What other people will think

How the publishing world works

What to do first

How to structure your book

What to call your story

What to put on the cover

How to promote it into the limelight and make a difference.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Dr. Nadine will pull your story out of you.

One thing that surprised me about Dr. Nadine is how she’s able to pull things out of you. Sometimes you’re not sure exactly what you want to see and hope to see it. But then you just start talking to her and she’s able to put everything together in perspective. She shows you what you’re trying to say.


Most people will leave this Earth without ever having written, let alone published, their story—because they let fear and uncertainty get in the way.

It sounds extreme but it’s true.

This is mission-critical work that can’t afford to wait another 6 months, years or a lifetime to happen.

My best advice? Don’t wait. Do it afraid. I’ll walk with you every step of the way.

Let’s have a no-pressure chat.

Here’s What Most Aspiring Authors DON’T Know

A best-selling purpose-driven narrative isn’t just about getting people to say “AMEN!” with you for what you’ve experienced. It’s about finding the message in your story that will help them transform THEIR lives.

Once you have your core message, it becomes a North Star to bring you back to base every time you get lost.

With that clarity, those self-sabotaging patterns melt away. Suddenly you’re desperate for every minute you can get to write until you’re holding a finished manuscript in your hands.

And then there’s publishing…

One of the biggest, most expensive mistakes I see aspiring authors make is waiting for a green light from a big publishing house. 

You could wait for years, or decades, for this to happen.

At the same time, self-publishing requires a ton of work and time and leaves you vulnerable to mistakes if you’re inexperienced—no wonder people put off publishing their books!

That’s why my team and I do all the heavy-lifting publishing work for the purpose-driven, powerhouse women inside PUBLISHED!…

…while also helping you get focused on your powerful message and mission – and setting you up with a writing practice you LOVE along the way. I want you to have everything you need to hold a printed copy of your book in the air and say—

“Yes, I Did It!”
Now feels like the perfect time for a quick meet and greet—

Hi, I’m Dr. Nadine Collins

International Speaker, Women’s Leadership Expert & Empowerment Coach, Prayer Counselor, and 8x Published Author (Yes, NINE books and plenty more to come!)

My extensive experience in the writing and publishing world means I’ve got the expertise (and a phenomenal team!) to save you from the costly mistakes I see some aspiring authors make.

There’s nothing I want more than to see your book published and in the hands of those who can learn from your message—so much so, I’ve made it my life’s work.

Having 9 books published has opened all kinds of incredible doors for me, including traveling to over 80 countries and counting, speaking, writing, inspiring, and empowering 1000s of women.


That’s why I created:


For aspiring authors who want expert guidance, gracious accountability, and fierce, done-for-you support to get their book and message out into the world faster and have the impact they’re destined for.

You can go from vague idea to published book in 6 months with:


Regular live group coaching calls with me - Dr. Nadine

Where I’ll teach you the step-by-step process of writing your book so you can stop overthinking, get next-level clarity, and keep the words flowing all the way to the printers


Behind the scenes book development with my expert-award winning team

Skip the expensive mistakes and delays other authors face and focus on writing while my team does all the rest for you


As-needed Live Coaching Calls

With my team of experts, where you will learn how to set up your book on Amazon, integrate your authors’ website with your bank, etc. and work through the publishing process


Access to my Membership Library

A membership portal with programs that’ll help in your personal and professional development


Private FB community with Group Accountability & Daily Support

With direct access to me and my team 5 days/week where you’ll be sharing your in-between questions and your phenomenal progress


Personalized feedback from me

On every step of your progress throughout the 6-month program

My book is doing so well. I’ve launched it in the U.K. and St. Lucia, and have been featured in three magazines, had a few television and radio interviews and I’ve got more interviews and features in magazines lined up; and most of all, I am already working with Dr. Collins on my second book.

I’ve never dreamt of being an author. But working with Dr. Collins gave me the opportunity to rewrite my dream and become a published author. The book is doing really well. I’ve launched it in the UK and Dr. Collins was present. I’ve got interviews lined up and features in magazines.  We’re now working on my second book—I had no idea that I was going to go through such an amazing journey. My friend, do not hesitate. Dr. Nadine will build that purpose with you, she will walk with you. She will give you 100%. Give her back the same energy she gives you and you will achieve greatness.

PUBLISHED! - is different from anything you’ve tried in the past.

Most book writing programs only teach you how to tell stories. Then they send you off to try and figure out how to get your book published and promoted all by yourself.

PUBLISHED! is a one-stop shop that walks you through every single thing you need to DO TO launch your book. In just 6 months, we’ll cover:


You’ll be guided through writing your stories, pulling out core messages from your life experiences, and developing the confidence to share them with the world.


Your message needs to shine clearly. Mistakes and typos can undermine your credibility and authority. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to edit and polish your book to perfection.


Colors, cover art, and title—these are just a few of the thing that will get someone to stop walking (or scrolling!) and pick up your book. We know what works and are here to share all the knowledge and experience with you.


From A-Z, my team takes care of the publishing so you can focus solely on your writing. We’ll make sure you’re fully supported in promoting your book to get it into as many hands as possible.

Sound like exactly what you need to accelerate your book writing and publishing journey?

You Also Unlock More 5-Star Support with These Bonuses


Worried about the upfront investment in your book? I’ll show you how to sell your book before it’s published. From getting your writer’s website out into the world to picking irresistible cover art, we’ll get you generating presell revenue before your book is even written.


There’s a lot of mindset up-leveling that needs to take place to build your platform and spread your message. Using proven psychological techniques and Biblical principles, this program helps obliterate doubt and fear that can hold you back, all while giving glory to God.


This is a strategic, simple, yet profound and practical program for leaders like you who want to experience and help others create a WOW life through the power of prayer.


To stand out in the market, you need to show up looking the part. In this bonus training, I walk you through the basics of branding to help you create a consistent, attractive, and powerful online and “in-person” presence.


Hang out with me, Dr. Nadine Collins, and other ambitious women who are on a similar mission to seek out and live in their true purpose. Learn how to position yourself to enter the new year with a fierce mindset, a prayerful spirit, and a WOW attitude so that you can experience great success.


The newest way for Christian women to begin their journey to success. This 3-part course is for the woman who wants guidance in understanding the value of prayer to success. If you’re willing to go on an intentional search for your true purpose, this course will show you how to use prayer to create a plan of action to make your dreams come true.


Inclusion in my magazine, a gorgeous opportunity for you to practice preparing for press and media by telling your story to my audience of thousands of loyal readers. 


Get ready for the spotlight! You’ll be a guest on my live lunchtime series, beloved by thousands of weekly attendees. I’ll interview you about the release of your upcoming book, giving you exposure and opportunities for presales.


Go on your PUBLISHED! mission with women around the world who are on the same path as you. Build each other up and feel the collective support to help you every step of the way.

Your Life Is A Privilege. Your Story Is A Gift. Your Book Is A Legacy.

If a lack of clarity around your idea is holding you back, don’t mistake it for lack of importance or urgency. Let me help you uncover the message you were put here to write, so you can get it into the hands of your people.

I’ve seen it time and again. Once women like you have clarity on their message and mission, they’re waking up early, staying up late, writing on trains and planes, doing whatever it takes… because they know their book is a lifeline, not just for their generation but also for their children and grandchildren.

Give yourself permission to take the first step. The rest is history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely not. 

Whether you have a book idea or not, the first step will be identifying a core message that’s going to have the impact you want it to have. This is where I often see people get stuck. They cling to a book idea but don’t have a message that will take them the distance. I won’t let that happen to you. Whether you have a book idea or not, we’ll work together to uncover your publish-worthy core message. Once you have that, the book idea comes forward easily.

Absolutely! Writing your book and building a speaking platform can go hand-in-hand with each other. Inside PUBLISHED!, you’ll get access to me and other women who have already walked this path and can share their experiences and learnings with you. PLUS because my team takes care of the publishing part, you’ll have way more free time to build your platform. Let’s get you published. Let’s get you known!

I’m so glad you asked this smart question. Thanks to the in-depth Marketing Toolkit bonus, you’ll be fully equipped with everything you need to start marketing your book before you even finish writing it. Nothing gives you the motivation to finish your book like presales cash landing in your bank account and a commitment to your friends and family that you will hold that book in your hand!

If you’re looking here, it means you need this and you’re ready for it. There are a couple of reasons women don’t finish the books they start. It could be you need some more support and guidance. Maybe you’re unsure about what to do next. It might be that your idea isn’t as robust as you initially thought or doesn’t have a strong message. Whatever’s blocking you, I’ll guide you through it so you can become PUBLISHED!

Still Not Sure If This Is Right For You?

Recently, I was in an accident and suffered a serious concussion. I had blurry vision, brain fog, and vertigo. There were times I wondered if I would ever be able to work again. Thanks be to God that I am now mostly recovered and working with great joy.

We’ve all had close calls like this. They teach us a precious lesson you should not forget: 

Your mission is time-sensitive because you could be timed out at ANY TIME.

It’s up to you to squeeze the life out of life. When you get to the end, there shouldn’t be a single drop of life left to live – because you took what God gave you and made the MOST of your one, precious life. 

If your time was up in the next 6 months—would you regret not doing everything in your God-given power to share your message sooner? 

The fact you’ve read this far makes me suspect the answer’s YES!

Let’s make a plan to publish your book.

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