Purpose-led Publishing Plan

by Dr. Nadine Collins

8X Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and
International Speaker

If you are ready to heed the call, fulfill your destiny, & launch your legacy by writing and publishing your purpose -led book, I have the perfect gift for you.

How would it feel to hold your published book in your hands this coming year?

There are a lot of steps – and many expensive mistakes you can make along the way in writing and publishing your first book. That’s why I’ve created my Purpose-Led Publishing Plan to walk you through the step-by-step process I’ve used to write a publish EIGHT (yes, count ‘em!) BOOKS that are beloved by women around the world.

In this checklist, I am sharing with you every single step in writing, publishing and launching your book.
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Hi, I’m Dr. Nadine Collins

International Speaker, Women’s Leadership Expert & Empowerment Coach, Prayer Counselor, and 8x Published Author (Yes, EIGHT books and plenty more to come!)

My extensive experience in the writing and publishing world means I’ve got the expertise (and a phenomenal team!) to save you from the costly mistakes I see some aspiring authors make.

There’s nothing I want more than to see your book published and in the hands of those who can learn from your message—so much so, I’ve made it my life’s work.

Having 8 books published has opened all kinds of incredible doors for me, including traveling to over 80 countries and counting, speaking, writing, inspiring, and empowering 1000s of women.



My book is doing so well. I’ve launched it in the U.K. and St. Lucia, and have been featured in three magazines, had a few television and radio interviews and I’ve got more interviews and features in magazines lined up; and most of all, I am already working with Dr. Collins on my second book.

I’ve never dreamt of being an author. But working with Dr. Collins gave me the opportunity to rewrite my dream and become a published author. The book is doing really well. I’ve launched it in the UK and Dr. Collins was present. I’ve got interviews lined up and features in magazines.  We’re now working on my second book—I had no idea that I was going to go through such an amazing journey. My friend, do not hesitate. Dr. Nadine will build that purpose with you, she will walk with you. She will give you 100%. Give her back the same energy she gives you and you will achieve greatness.
Portsmouth, UK

Dr. Nadine will pull your story out of you.

One thing that surprised me about Dr. Nadine is how she’s able to pull things out of you. Sometimes you’re not sure exactly what you want to see and hope to see it. But then you just start talking to her and she’s able to put everything together in perspective. She shows you what you’re trying to say.
Birmingham, UK

Dr. Nadine will help you figure out what you’re supposed to be doing in this life.

Since working with Dr Nadine Collins, I have clarity as to my purpose. And I have clarity as to why I am here. The book idea was an awesome journey in itself and the most cathartic experience. I’m super elated that I got the opportunity to do that with her. Because she gives the push that was necessary to get the book out. She’s a powerful woman who’s able to help you identify with laser clarity what it is that you’re supposed to be doing in this life.
St. Lucia

I wrote and published my book - and now I’m a speaker!

Dr. Nadine’s really looking for the success of the people who are in her group program. She has a great talent for pushing you to look deep inside yourself, and bring out that professional, quality product that will stand out in the market. Through her, I wrote and published my book. And now I’m doing speeches and talking about the platform. Not only does Dr. Nadine open your eyes to a different level of functioning, but she will also bring you to the next level in your thinking.
Florida, USA
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