Dr. Nadine Collins holds a Ph.D. in Educational Administration with an emphasis in Higher Education and a focus on Women in Leadership. Her Doctoral dissertation was the seminal study done on women leaders who serve as Presidents in Adventist Higher Education Institutions.

Because of her interactions with 1000s of women globally, she recognized a gap in the work that women were doing and what many of them were really called to do, but were not doing, because they were living in fear—the fear of being different, successful, bold, confident, and fulfilled. And for others, the internal barriers that were hindering them because of what they believed about themselves (their roles and “place” as a woman); as well as the external visible and invisible structures that were hindering their advancement to leadership.

That is why she founded the Spiritual Wellness Coaching movement, a signature private coaching and mentorship program with a global mission: To empower Christian women to break through indoctrinations and the mentally constructed glass ceiling; step out in faith and through the invisible walls and structures that set barriers to their advancement; wake up to realize their God-given potential and purpose, and make their unique impact on the world by living their WOW life now.

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Types of Women’s Events Nadine is available to speak at:

  • Women’s Retreats
  • Women’s Leadership Training Programs
  • Seminars
  • Women’s Conferences
  • Church Services
  • Tea Parties
  • Prayer Breakfast
  • Key Notes

Sample of Topics for Women’s Programs

  • Developing Your WOW Presence
  • Break Through Your Fears and Step Into Your Power
  • Showing Up in Your WOW Presence
  • What to Wear: Fashionable and Modest
  • Loving Herself: A Woman in God’s Image
  • The God-Fashioned Woman: Leader by Design
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women Leaders in Higher Education
  • Effective Leadership Styles & Practices for Women Leaders
  • Where are the Women Leaders?
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Leadership
  • Break Through Your Fears and Step Into Your Power
  • You are POWERful

To book Dr. Nadine, you can send an email to info@nadinecollins.com

Hear What Persons Are Saying

I was looking for a dynamic, spiritual and powerful woman to be the main speaker for our Women’s Ministry Retreat. She needed to be able to work with our theme and empower the women to be faithful and courageous. I had set out objectives that I asked Dr. Collins to be guided by. Her presentations were exactly what I had prayed for and more!

Nadine made each presentation meaningful to the women while realizing the key objectives. She paid close attention to detail and is clear and thoughtful in her presentations. She is professional, reliable, approachable and has a wealth of inspiration and knowledge which made it easy to work with her, but more so, easy to inspire, impact and influence women. In the end, all evaluation reports came back overwhelmingly positive because of the work that she did. We have already booked her for future events.

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