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Make Your Prayer Life Go WOW!

Everyone wants a powerful prayer life! Everyone desires a prayer life that actually works! Everyone would be totally satisfied with a prayer life that makes him or her go WOW! That is why everyone needs to read ‘Make Your Prayer Life Go WOW!

This book is the ideal reading tool for anyone–YOU– who wants to uncover how to get more yes answers from God! The author builds a clear path that anyone can follow, chapter by chapter, which explores the fundamentals for developing a powerful prayer life. Readers will understand more clearly

• prayer as effective communication with God
• the importance of deliberately practicing praying
• why God says “No” to prayers
• When God has no choice but to say “yes” when you pray

At the end of each chapter, you will have an opportunity to begin working on your WOW prayer journey by pondering on related Bible texts, review questions for consideration, and then say a prayer to seal your deal into making your prayer life go WOW!

$20 + shipping

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